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Forrest Mims is a scientist who is a proponent of intelligent design and a skeptic of global warming. In the 1960s and 1970s, Mims was a pioneer in designing electronics kits for amateurs such as calculators. In 1988, Mims was considered by Scientific American as a candidate to take over their Amateur Scientist column, but his creationist views led to his being rejected.[1] The Wikipedia article on Mims uncritically accepts evolutionists' attempts to deny this,[2] another example of liberal Bias in Wikipedia. In 2006, Mims blew the whistle on how self-professed atheist environmentalist Eric Pianka at a talk he gave had advocated using genetically engineered viruses to cause genocide as a means of population control and how the scientists at the talk applauded Pianka's speech.[3] Again, evolutionists tried to rewrite what happened, and Wikipedia uncritically accepted their account.[4]


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