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Forward is a generic name of socialist publications and leftwing political movements. The 2012 Obama campaign has adopted the slogan Forward and coincidentally, launched his re-election campaign on socialist Karl Marx's birthday.[1]

A satire graphic that mocks the Forward campaign

Forward Publications

Vorwärts, German language for Forward, was a publication of the Social Democratic Party of Germany.

Vorwärts!, 19th century journal of the Communist League.

Vpered, Russian language for Forward, the publication that Vladimir Lenin started.

Avanti!, Italian language for Forward!, is the daily newspaper of the Italian Socialist Party.

Avante!, Portuguese language for Forward!, is the official newspaper of the Portuguese Communist Party.

Eteenpäin, Finnish language for Forward, is a daily newspaper for Finnish-American members of the Communist Party USA.

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  1. Obama to officially begin 2012 campaign on Karl Marx's birthday,, May 4th, 2012