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Frank Luntz is an political consultant, Fox News contributor and pollster. Once a member of the Never Trump movement, he eventually spoke a friendly tone toward President Donald Trump.[1]

Biden family friend

According to the National Pulse emails from Hunter Biden’s hard drive – which Luntz infamously downplayed the severity of – reveal Luntz begging then-Vice President Joe Biden's son for access. On October 31st, 2012, Luntz emailed Hunter Biden the following:

Because your dad hasn’t said word one to me since the moment he was nominated for VP. Zero. Zip. Nothing. That’s why. Fair-weather friends get fair-weather treatment. And Beau [Biden] knows I feel this way. That’s not how I treat anyone in politics or in life. and by the way, I declared your dad the winner of his debate against Paul Ryan even though Ryan is an actual current client.

Hunter Biden responded roughly two hours later, noting he and his brother Beau “loved” him:

I love you… beau loves you— but how can you go on TV and not mention the Jeep ad— just in fairness- moving Jeep to China???? That’s not worth talking about as one of the most outright fabrications ever paid for on television? Again, think you are smarter than anyone in politics…but if you are doing a piece on ads in the last days— leaving that one out is just… [2]

Kevin McCarthy

House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy allegedly has close ties to Luntz and lives in one of Luntz's apartments.[3]