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Frank Zappa (1940–1993) was an avant-garde rock musician, guitar player, and composer. His music spanned a wide range of genres, though he is perhaps best known for his distinctive guitar-driven jams and for his band the Mothers of Invention.[1] Social satire also played a central role in nearly all of his music. His song lyrics were often obscene, even by today's standards.

A self-described "practical conservative," Zappa was a libertarian politically and considered running on the Libertarian Party ticket in the 1988 Presidential Election.[2] He was critical of anything he considered conformist, from organized religion to the hippie culture that was ascendant around the same time his music began to be. He is also notable for his staunch opposition to illegal drugs, which he maintained throughout his life (though, being a libertarian, he still considered drug legalization a necessary policy).

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