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Friedrich "Fritz" Wilhelm Schnitzler (16 December 1928 - 15 July 2011) was a German landowner and business manager, and also a local politician in the Christian Democratic Union of Germany, the founder of the agricultural association of the District of Reutlingen and co-founder of the landholders' association of Baden-Württemberg, and lobbyist in the state parliament.

Life and career

Schnitzler was born in Ohnastetten, now part of St. Johann, in the District of Reutlingen. He had a diploma in agricultural management and was a certified assessor of wildlife damage. While managing his property part-time, from October 1962 to December 1974 he was a district councillor and deputy mayor in Ohnastetten and also served as a lay judge in the state court at Tübingen. After Ohnastetten was incorporated into St. Johann, he served from 1975 to 1996 as its district representative and a member of the councils there and in St. Johann. In January 1962 he was elected president of the then agricultural association of Reutlingen and in 1975 he united it with its counterpart in Münsingen to form the agricultural association of the District of Reutlingen (Kreisbauernverband Reutlingen e.V). He served as its chairman (Kreisobmann) from 1975 to 1992.[2] During this time he also co-founded the landholders' association of Baden-Württemberg (Landesbauernverband in Baden-Württemberg) and became its first lobbyist in the state parliament. He worked in close association with the Minister-president, Lothar Späth; the Minister of Agriculture, Gerhard Weiser the Minister of the Environment Hermann Schaufler the first president of the landholders' association, Ernst Geprägs and the Baden-Württemberg state Ministry of agricultural land and the protection of land-use (Ministerium für Ländlichen Raum und Verbraucherschutz Baden-Württemberg).

Personal life

Schnitzler and his wife lived on a 30 hectares (74 acres) dairy farm in Ohnastetten with their son Frank Christoph Schnitzler.

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