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A typical Gary Larson cartoon.

Gary Larson is an American cartoonist, born in 1950 in Washington, most famous for his widely syndicated strip, The Far Side, which appeared in hundreds of newspapers between 1980 and 1995.

Generally a single panel, usually with a caption beneath rather than speech balloons, the cartoons frequently featured animals, especially cows, often incomprehensible (his "Cow tools" cartoon caused weeks of bewilderment to hundreds of readers [1]), and sometimes offensive to some, with scatological or violent content, the cartoons were nevertheless enormously popular, and have been republished in various forms, notably collected in a five-volume series of books.

He is a favourite cartoonist of many scientists, especially biologists, who appreciate the regular inclusion of scientific, and especially evolutionary themes in his work. He was invited to visit the primatologist Jane Goodall after featuring her in one of his cartoons, and in 1985 was honoured by having a newly discovered species of louse, Strigiphilus garylarsoni named after him.[2]