Genocide of Christians by ISIS

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The Genocide of Christians by ISIS is the systematic targeting and elimination of anybody who believes in Jesus Christ, only because they believe in Christ, by the Islamic State.[1]

Rise of ISIS

Christians prior to beheading

With the Rise of the Islamic State in parts of the middle east, some of the world's oldest Christian communities have been either displaced or completely wiped out. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have fled their homes, and thousands have been killed. One monastery in particular, Mar Behnam, dates back to the 4th century.[2]

Once they have been caught by ISIS fighters, Christians face torture, rape, being sold into sex slavery, murder, and crucifixion.[3] Frequently, ISIS releases videos of beheadings.[4]

Systematic Targeting

The symbol ن, pronounced as "noon" or "nūn", has been seen in many places around the middle east painted on doors and doorways. It stands for Nazarene or Nassarah, which symbolizes that a Christian lives in this house.[5][6]


The campaign #WeAreN is a movement that has gained supporters since 2014, in the face of the failure of world governments to rapidly respond to the genocide.[7] Protests and demonstrations have appeared worldwide in response, both online and in the streets.[8][9][10]

Lebanese news anchor Dima Sadeq wore a shirt with the symbol for "Nazarene" to express support for Christians being persecuted by ISIS.[11]

Restoring Unity

For a more detailed treatment, see Restoring Unity Rally.

The Restoring Unity Rally in Birmingham, Alabama, was based in large part on unity with Christians in the Middle East who are systematically targeted.[12]

International Recognition

On February 3, 2016, the European Union voted unanimously to call ISIS killing of Christians genocide.[13][14][15][16] The United States did the same on March 15, 2016, declaring by unanimous vote that these atrocities are genocide.[17][18] On April 20, 2016, the British Parliament voted unanimously to declare the actions as genocide.[19]


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