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The Restoring Unity Rally was an event that took place on August 28 and August 29, 2015. Also called the Never Again is Now movement, the event was built around Christians in the Middle East who are being displaced or slaughtered by ISIS, with the atrocities of Planned Parenthood also becoming a major topic. It was started by Glenn Beck, founder of The Blaze.

Restoring Unity took place in Birmingham, Alabama, at the Guiding Light Church and the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Center, on the five year anniversary of the Restoring Honor Rally. The march that took place followed the same footsteps that Martin Luther King walked.

The event was attended by Alveda King, the Reverend Jim Lowe, Chuck Norris, Rafael Cruz(Ted Cruz' Father), the Mayor of Birmingham, William Bell, Jon Voight,[1][2] and many others.

Crowd Size

The attendance has reported to have been around 20,000 people in size.[3][4]

Acts of Love

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There have been reports of people going out of their way to help others and be kind to one another.[5]

Nazarene Fund

Beck first announced the Nazarene Fund during the event at the Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex. The basis of the effort is to relocate people from the middle east to a safer place who are targeted by ISIS, who are being murdered, raped, tortured, and sold into sex slavery. ISIS targets people solely because they believe in Christianity, and paints the Nazarene symbol on their door as a warning that they are next.

The fund has as its goal to raise $10 million.[6][7]

Media Coverage

Despite the size of attendance, no major mainstream media outlets have covered the event.[8][9] A small number of outlets did, however, place coverage of the event on their websites where they would be less likely to be seen.[10] Where reporting has occurred, it has been of a questionable tone. Glenn Beck has claimed that this was the biggest march in Birmingham since Martin Luther King in 1963, a claim that they[11] could look further into, but have chosen not to.

Wikipedia Bias

Wikipedia had a page on the topic that has since been deleted.[12] PER WP:NOTABLE, this article can never have a page on Wikipedia given the reliance upon what the media reports.

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