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George Osborne is a British Conservative Party politician. He is the Member of Parliament for Tatton, and was Chancellor of the Exchequer of the United Kingdom from 2010[1] to 2016. Osborne was born in 1971, and went to St Paul's School in London. He studied modern history at Magdalen College, Oxford. Whilst at Oxford, he was joint editor of the magazine Isis. In 1994 he joined the Research Department of the Conservative Party. In 2001, he ran for parliament and was elected as MP for Tatton. In 2005, under new leader David Cameron, he became Shadow Chancellor.[1]

After the formation of the coalition government in 2010 Osborne became Chancellor of the Exchequer, having the oversight of fiscal and monetary policy of the UK. Conservatives in the UK and in the United States have praised Osborne's fiscal conservatism as spending cuts are continuing to this day to reduce the large amounts of debt and massive deficit of the UK government. To this date over a quarter of the 150 billion plus deficit has been eradicated.[1]

Whilst spending reductions in the UK are unpopular, Osborne's economic policy saw economic growth return to the UK and inflation remain low and stable, since the economic crash of 2008.[1]