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George Zeno Toscas was the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the National Security Division, the number three in charge, during the Obama administration. Toscas is a career government employee. Toscas headed up the Justice Department's Mid Year Exam, the code name for the supposed investigation into Hillary Clinton's emails.

In October 2016 Toscas was contacted by New York prosecutors about the Weiner laptop which contained the missing Hillary Clinton emails, the so-called "golden emails."[1] Toscas contacted Peter Strzok at the FBI forcing Deputy Andy McCabe to inform Director James Comey of the emails.[2][3] McCabe knew of the emails for three weeks and did nothing, hoping to run out the clock before election day, assuming Hillary Clinton would win. To protect Comey's own personal integrity, Comey informed Congressional leadership that the farce that was the Hillary Clinton investigation was reopened with only less than two weeks before the 2016 Presidential election.

During the charade that was the investigation into Hillary Clinton's crimes, Toscas ribbed FBI Director James Comey about leading the "Federal Bureau of Matters" to much laughter during a meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Lynch instructed Comey to use Clinton campaign talking points and call the Clinton investigation a "matter" in public pronouncements and not an investigation.[4]

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