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Gianna Jessen (born April 6, 1977 Los Angeles, California) is a pro-life advocate.

Gianna Jessen was forced to be born over a month premature when her mother's attempted abortion failed. As a result, Jessen suffered physical disabilities. Doctors predicted that Jessen would be blind and crippled for life, never walking. They even suggested that she would not want to live in such a condition.[Citation Needed] All these doctors were wrong.

When she learned from her adoptive mother the truth behind her premature birth she became an advocate against abortion. She begins her speeches with this statement, "I was aborted and did not die."

She credits Jesus with preserving her life and has testified before the United States Congress on April 22, 1996 against partial-birth abortions and again in 2000 in support of the Born Alive Infant Act.

Jessen has said, "My biological mother thought she was making a decision affecting only her. If abortion is merely about women's rights, then what were mine?"

She ran a 26-mile marathon in Nashville in May 2005 where she lives.

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