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Born May 30, 1875 - Castelvetrano Italy Died April 15, 1944 - Florence Italy

Giovanni Gentile (a leftist) was the ideological father of Fascism. He was student of the leftist Karl Marx.

He was on the left

Wikipedia is confirmed propaganda with an extreme left wing bias and as mislabeled Gentile's association. Wikipedia's ex founder (Mr. Larry Sanger) has expressed on several occasions that wikipedia has become propaganda for the Left. Those sources are included at the bottom of this entry. As such, you will see a concerted effort by wikipedia, oxford's/collins definition to incorrectly bind Gentile/Fascism as a philosophy of the right. You will not be allowed to edit those pages by them.

He was a leftist Despite historians from the political left (who had to erase him from history in order to avoid pointing to fascism's actual roots) who attempted to bind him to the right (or conservatism).

His Beliefs

He believed there were 2 diametrically opposed types of democracies

  1. Liberal democracy (the USA) which he opposed due to it being "individualistic" (centered on liberty and personal rights)
  2. Non-liberal democracy (which individuals willingly subordinate themselves to the state.

His philosophical mentor was leftist Karl Marx Gentile’s ideas were similarly radical in this age of radical thought and he contended that the state should resemble a family, an ideal still held by leftists today. During then-Governor Mario Cuomo’s 1984 address at the Democrat National Convention, he said America was “an extended family where, through the government, people all take care of each other.” In 2012 the slogan for the DNC was “The government is the only thing we all belong to.”

Gentile, an ardent Socialist, considered his Fascist conceptions to be the most “workable” form of Socialism. “Fascism mobilizes people by appealing to their national identity, as well as their class,” D’Souza notes. “Fascists are Socialists with a national identity.”

Gentile argued that all private action should “be oriented to serve society”. There was to be no distinct boundary separating private interest and public interest. He saw the state as the administrative wing of society, and therefore all of society must do what is in the interest of the state, at the state’s will.”

Benito Mussolini paraphrased Gentile in his Dottrina del Fascismo, “All is in the state and nothing human exists or has value outside the state.” Just as bleak as the DNC slogan in 2012.

Democrat progressives, in full agreement with Gentile, love and push for a centralized state, which manifests itself in stuff like the recent state expansion into private sectors like healthcare, banking, education, and energy. The left wants to pin Fascism to the Republicans, but the historic roots and ideological and philosophical DNA do no match. Conservatives are believers in small government in order to limit the power of the state and empower individual freedoms, the left wants to take freedom from the individual and grant the state control over your life.

“To acknowledge Gentile is to acknowledge that Fascism bears a deep kinship to the ideology of today’s left. So, they will keep Gentile where they’ve got him: dead, buried, and forgotten,”