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Girls' Generation
Korean name
Hangul 소녀시대

Girls' Generation is a South Korean pop band that was formed in 2007. It has been Korea's top girl group since 2009, when they released their breakthrough hit "Gee."[1] It is the most popular girl group in Asia, and it consists of nine members.[2] The leader is Kim Tae-yeon. The band is known for coordinated, precision dancing. They sing primarily in Korean, although their songs generally include an English-language phrase or two. Besides Korea, they have topped the charts in Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, and Japan, the world’s second largest music market.[2] An effort to enter the U.S. market in 2011 met with little response.[3]

The members received three years of training at an "idol school," paid for by SM Entertainment.[2] The management company then assembled successful students into a band. The group received the YouTube Music Video Award in November 2013.[4]

All of the members of the band are at least nominally Christian. Tae-yeon is Catholic and the others are Protestant.[5] Four of them, Choi Soo-young, Im Yoon-a, Kim Hyo-yeon, and Tiffany (Stephanie Hwang), participate in a fellowship group.[6] Soo-young and Tiffany have confessed their faith in numerous interviews. Tiffany is a Korean-American and was born in San Francisco.[7]


Studio albums
  • 2007: Girls' Generation
  • 2010: Oh!
  • 2011: The Boys
  • 2013: I Got a Boy


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