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Gloucester is a city, the county town of Gloucestershire, an English county. It is situated on the east side of the River Severn and has a small harbor. Historically it was the lowest crossing point on the river (before the construction of the Severn Bridge and Severn Railway Tunnel). Parts of the city are vulnerable to flooding.

Many medieval buildings remain in the city. Modern buildings include the prison. The city has a railway station.

Aircraft are manufactured in the city and the Cheltenham & Gloucester Building Society is based there.

Frederick and Rosemary West lived in the city. Frederick killed himself in prison in 1995 whilst awaiting trial for murder. Rosemary was convicted of ten murders in 1995 as an accomplice. The remains of most of the victims had been buried at the family house.

Gloucester City Football Club play in the Southern League Premier Division (semi-professional soccer).

Its population is 136,200 (2001).