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Godsmack is an American hard rock band from Boston, MA being head by lead singer and guitarist Sully Erna. Having put out four platinum albums and a gold ep, they have enjoyed mainstream success, certified as selling over 10 million albums in the United States and an additional 2 million worldwide. Currently there most recent studio album "IV" debuted at number one on the billboard 200 charts by selling 211,000 copies in the first week and has since gone platinum, they followed it up by touring for the next year and a half and are currently taking a break in 2008.

Current lineup

  • Sully Erna (guitars and vocals)
  • Shannon Larkin (drums)
  • Tony Rombola (guitars)
  • Robbie Merrill (bass)


  • Godsmack (1998)
  • Awake (2000)
  • Faceless (2003)
  • Other Side (2004)
  • IV (2006)

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