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The Gospel Broadcasting Network (GBN) is a Christian satellite and internet-based television network, headquartered in the Memphis suburb of Olive Branch, Mississippi.

Unlike fellow Christian networks TBN and Daystar, GBN is not ecumenical; it features only programs based on mainstream Church of Christ beliefs. Also unlike TBN and Daystar, GBN does not do on-air solicitations for funds (such as telethons or pledge drives); in fact several of its personalities have openly said that one will never hear a plea for money on GBN, and further its website says that it does not solicit funds from persons who are not Church of Christ members.

The network operates on the Galaxy-14 C-band satellite, via Android, iOS, and Roku, via the internet, as well as on several low-powered radio and television stations and rural cable channels, mainly in the American South where the Churches of Christ are the strongest.

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