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Goth in modern usage is a term often given to a style of music, a type of dress, and/or a subculture; all of which were originally derived from bands such as Siouxsie & The Banshees, Bauhaus, and the Cure. Goth fashion typically consists of a conspicuous affection for black clothing (descended of Punk and its general preference of monotonous color patterns in attire),effeminate dress for both males and females and makeup of course though generally only to accentuate the features of ones face and a hearkening back to the days of Glam-rock to which it also traces its roots.

Very often they have back-combed hair, leather fashion dawning anachronistic attires of the (but not always) Edwardian, Victorian and Elizabethan periods(typically of the aristocratic sort), winkle-pickers and makeup to accentuate the features of one's face. Goth women normally make up their face very white a hearkening back to yet again Glam-rock and of theatre makeup.

Criticism from the Christian point of view

It is often labeled as Satanic or anti-Christian in nature, although a large Christian Goth community exists, and Goths are not necessarily anti-Christian.

Though some goths are Christian, some of them are atheists, anti-Christians and even Satanists. Often these non-Christian goths walk beside normal youngsters.

Goth culture has its roots in music. It comes from gothic/death/punk rock and from gothic metal, which are very doomish styles of music, without hope and fun. This kind of music is characteristically melancholic. Also, many goths like to play role-playing games and especially LARPs. They play vampires and so on in these games. At least some subsets of Goth culture can be clearly seen as a cults such as the EMO (see external link).

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