Gotthard Base Tunnel

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The Gotthard Base Tunnel

Gotthard Base Tunnel runs 57 kilometers (around 35 miles) through the Swiss Alps, and it opened on June 1, 2016.[1][2] As of its opening, it is the longest tunnel in the world. The tunnel was a part of the AlpTransit program, which sought to improve rail travel speeds from the north to south and advance European integration.[3][4]

The Gotthard Base Tunnel started normal operations on December 11, 2016.[5] In its first eight months of normal operations, north–south passenger traffic increased by about 30%.[6]

Bizarre opening ceremony

On the opening day on June 1, 2016, the Swiss government organized a very bizarre and disturbing ceremony that was widely reported by the media.[7] The ceremony included topless women, actors wearing only underwear, simulated lesbian sex, and other disturbing acts.[8][9]

While the ceremony was intended to represent pagan Swiss Alpine culture, numerous people, very understandably, considered whether the ceremony was satanic or demonic due to the close parallels with satanic worship in the ceremony.[9] While it does not appear that the ceremony was consciously intended to be satanic or demonic,[8] such fears were completely understandable and legitimate due to the graphic sexual and pagan references. Even if the ceremony was not intended to be evil, it was very disturbing and not Christian-influenced. It fit very well with the overall spiritual state of Europe.

Editors removed this notable and widely covered event from the Gotthard Base Tunnel's Wikipedia article for allegedly violating several Wikipedia policies.[10]


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