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Grand Funk Railroad or Grand Funk for short as they were sometimes known, was a rock music band popular during the early 1970s, from Flint, Michigan.

They were at first a trio, Mark Farner, Mel Schacher, and Don Brewer. They added Craig Frost as a fourth member as of 1972. They were, for a time, immensely popular with young people but attacked or dismissed by most rock critics. Their biggest hits were "I'm Your Captain", "We're An American Band", "Walk Like a Man", "The Loco-Motion", "Shinin' On", "Bad Time", and "Some Kind of Wonderful".

Instead of embracing the counterculture, Grand Funk openly embraced and celebrated their blue collar Flint, Michigan roots. Their lyrics were often political and populist. They were not always conservative; on the first few albums their lyrics tilted leftward, but as time went on the band started becoming more conservative with their views. By their third album Survival, they were already exploring Christian themes, and added American patriotism as of their 1973 album We're An American Band and Second Amendment gun rights on their 1976 album Good Singin', Good Playin'.

They broke up in 1976, and have reformed a couple of times since. Mark Farner recorded some Christian Rock albums during the late 1980s. In 2000, Mark Farner endorsed Patrick Buchanan for President.