Grand Theft Auto 1

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Grand Theft Auto, now known as Grand Theft Auto 1 (from the first era of GTA games) is a video game released for the original Sony PlayStation, the PC and the Game Boy Color. Grand Theft Auto 1, it's "mission packs" and Grand Theft Auto 2 are distinguishable because they did not make use of 3D graphics, high resolution textures nor did they utilize rendering engines that come even close to mimicking real life physics, as the technology for such programming to work alongside a game as big as GTA did not exist until the development and release of Grand Theft Auto III in 2001. Like many violent video games, the Grand Theft Auto series has been directly linked to acts of adolescent violence in real life.


The game utilizes Grand Theft Auto's trademark "sandbox style" game layout. The player is free to do what he or she want's within the city limits, although the completion of "missions" is necessary to earn money and to advance the storyline to the point where different parts of the map and different cities within the game are unlocked.