Great Living Painters

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Great Living Painters

A Petite Gallery

Jean Miotte

Born 1926.

MIOTTE.jpg Jean Miotte.

Jasper Johns

Born 1930.

Jasper Johns Three-Flags-1958.jpg Three-Flags-1958.

Gerhard Richter

Born 1932.

Gerhard Richter Landscape near Hubbelrath 1969.jpg Landscape near Hubbelrath, 1969.

Frank Stella

Born 1936.

Marrakech by Frank Stella, 1964.jpg Marrakech , 1964.

David Hockney

Born 1937.

Hockney clark percy.jpg Mr. and Mrs. Clark and Percy, 1970–1971.

Red Grooms

Born 1937.

Red Grooms The Living Room 1981.jpg The Living Room, 1981.

Luigi Malice

Born 1937.

Luigi Malice, Racconto, 1990.jpg Racconto, 1990.

Ronnie Landfield

Born 1947.

Ronnie and Green River 2.jpg Ronnie and Green River 2.

Clyde Aspevig

Born 1951.

Clyde Aspevig.jpg Clyde Aspevig, en plein air.

Stefan Fiedorowicz

Born 1952.

Fiedorowicz Silence Hearing Itself.jpg Silence Hearing Itself.

Philippe Dubois

Born 1958.

Wind sail Eole.jpg Wind sail (Eole).

Jacob Collins

Born 1964.

Collins Grimaldi in studio.jpg Grimaldi in studio.

Zeng Fanzhi

Born 1964.

Pending painting Lion, 2008.

Damien Hirst

Born 1965.

Pending painting Damien Hirst with a piece from his Doorways to the Kingdom of Heaven series, 2007.