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Greg Berlanti (born May 24, 1972 in Rye, New York) is a homosexual producer within Hollywood, who often pushes far-left wing politics, including social justice elements and blatant promotion of homosexuality, into his shows, namely teen dramas. He is particularly infamous for his role in producing the Arrowverse line of DC comics, which are often used as a vehicle by him to forcibly push social justice elements at the expense of the actual source material of the DC Comics stories they adapted as well as the overall characters, including forcibly turning various established characters homosexual or bisexual, largely because he viewed superheroes as being related to his sexuality due to both being "different."[1] His practice of forcibly turning characters homosexual or bisexual had been occurring since at the very least when he was producing the show Dawson's Creek, in particular the show's third season finale, which infamously included live action television's first broadcasted same-sex male kiss onscreen via the characters Jack and Ethan, which had been an action he had repeatedly pushed due to claiming he wanted to "fix" the poor depiction of homosexuals on television (ie, propagandize on behalf of homosexuality),[2] and even threatened to quit production of the show if he didn't get his way with adding that element.[3]

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