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Evstafiev palace gunman Chechnya.jpg

Country Russia
Region Chechnya
Settled 1818
Population 271,573
Area (sq mi) 324.16 km2
Current mayor Islam Kadyrov

Grozny (Russian:Грозный) is the capital city of the republic Chechnya and has a population of 271,573 people.

It was appeared in 1818 as an Russian fortress.

The name Grozny means literally fearsome or redoubtable in Russian.


Grozny was repeatedly the battlefield between the Russian government and the local radical Islamists, in 1996 the First Chechen War was started between the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria (with a support from the local Mudjahideen) and the Russian Federation which was resulted in the Chechen victory, but on December 25, 1999 Russian troops stormed again in to the city after tensions leaded up to the Second Chechen War, After several bombings on Grozny, the Russian involvement ultimately leading to a successful takeover (partly under the responsibility of Vladimir Putin) and radical separatists were defeated, Then the city was re-built.


Grozny Airport is the primary hub for Grozny Avia, but the airport is also served by Avia Traffic Company,[1] Nordavia,[2] and UTair Aviation.[3] Onur Air will start flights March 29, 2017 and Pegasus Airlines will start flights April 12, 2017.[4]


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