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Paisaje rojo, ocre, azul.

Gunther Gerzso (Mexico 1915 - Mexico 2000) mexican painter and set designer. He is best known for his geometric abstractions. In painting, Gerzso moved from Surrealism to Abstract Expressionism.

When you try to look into one of my paintings, you’ll always run into a wall that keeps you from going any further. It will stop you with the brilliance of its light, but at the back there’s a black plane; it’s fear. [1]

Octavio Paz once said: "In all Gerzso’s pictures there is a secret. His painting indicates its existence behind the canvas. The depicted rendings, mutilations and sexual hollows have a function: they allude to what lies on the other side".

In 1939, Gerzso participated in the Annual Exhibition of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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Gerzso Noctural Landscape 1999.jpg

Nocturnal Landscape, 1999.