HMS Victory

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HMS Victory
HMS Victory.jpg
Naval Ensign of the United Kingdom.svg
Royal Navy
Displacement 3,500 tons
Length 226 feet
Beam 52 feet
Draft 29 feet
Speed 8-9 knots
Armament 104 guns on 3 decks
Crew 850

HMS Victory is a warship of the British Royal Navy, the former flagship of Horatio Nelson, and, with over 220 years of continuous service, the last first-rate ship of the line left in commission in the world.

A three-decker ship of the line of 100 guns, built between 1759 and 1765, HMS Victory is the only surviving warship to have fought in the American War of Independence, the French Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars. Notable actions in which she participated include the Relief of Gibraltar, the Battle of Cape St Vincent and the Battle of Trafalgar. During the Battle of Trafalgar, Admiral Nelson was shot on the quarterdeck of the Victory by a French sniper. He was brought below deck where he died at the conclusion of the battle, which proved to be his greatest victory.

HMS Victory is today permanently kept in dock at Portsmouth where she attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually.

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