Hans Memling

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Hans Memling

Hans Memling (Seligenstadt, ca. 1430 – Bruges 1494) was a German Early Netherlandish painter. He is noted for his religious pieces and portraits.

At the European level, Hans Memling is one of the most famous representatives of painting in the Low Countries before 1500. In his art, he builds on the achievements of his great predecessors Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden. [1]

Petit gallery

The Last Judgement.jpg

The Last Judgement (1440-1494) showing all 3 panels of the tryptich.

Memling’s late work shows elements of the Early Italian Renaissance. Besides religious works he executed portraits of his contemporaries, more than 25 portraits belonging to him are known, among them such works as Portrait of an Italian with a Roman Coin, Portrait of a Praying Man. (1480-1485). [2]

Memling Portrait of a man.jpg

Portrait of an Italian with a Roman Coin.

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