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Harassment is the act of attempting to negatively influence, annoy, disturb, upset, disrupt or threaten a person, organization or business through deliberate, repeated and unwelcome behavior(s).

One common form of harassment is sexual harassment. Unlike sexual harassment, however, harassment in general does not require the harassing party to have authority over the victim.


General examples

  • Internet harassment (aka "cyber stalking")
  • Legal harassment (e.g. filing frivolous lawsuits against the victim; see Sarah Palin, a victim of legal harassment)
  • Physical harassment (e.g. bullying)
  • Psychological harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Stalking

Specific examples

  • Peter Vadala, a Brookstone employee in Boston, Massachusetts, was accused of harassment and fired from his job for stating his Christian belief that homosexuality is wrong. Ironically, it was his manager, a lesbian, who harassed him regarding her homosexuality four times before he finally admitted his beliefs.[1]