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The Hells Angels are a motorcycle gang founded in 1948 in San Bernardino, California. The gang has nearly 2,000 members in over 100 chapters and is spread to 30 countries worldwide.[1] The Hells Angels became notorious for one of them, Alan Passaro, beating to death a Rolling Stones fan at the Altamont Free Concert concert on December 6, 1969, although Passaro was later acquitted with the ruling being due to self-defense. Like motorcycle gangs, they are called a "club" by their members, though they are recognized as a violent criminal gang by the FBI. Full Hells Angels members can be readily identified by the trademarked winged skull patch they wear, and may have tattoos on them. Hells Angels also regularly do charity and benefit runs, in what is likely an attempt to "soften" their public perception.

It is to be noted that the Hell's Angels were patriotic, and that during the 1960s, they often fought against the Anti-War movement due to suspecting the latter to be led by Communists.


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