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Before creating a new article first do a check using the search feature at Conservapedia. You can also look at the category tags for related articles to see if an article already exist for this subject.

There are at least three ways of starting a new article.

From the search results

When you do a search for the article and no article appears there will be a message stating that there is no page with the title for your proposed article and that "You can create this page". Simply click on the red portion of this message and then create your article.

Creating a new article within an existing article

Create a link to the new article within the text of an existing article. Suppose you want to create an article about mans' best friend.

  • Edit an existing article to create a link. For example:
William Butterworth owned a [[dog]] and cat.
  • This will produce:
William Butterworth owned a dog and cat.
  • Click on the "dog link", and you will be taken to a page named "dog".

Now supposing you want the highlighted word in the sentence that links to the new article to be different than the new article's title. For example, supposing in the existing Conservapedia article titled Aristide Briand you want to create a article titled "Prime Ministers of France" but the phrase in the sentence you want to use is somewhat or vastly different. In the example we will use the phrase will be slightly different.

  • Here is an example of how you would do it:
Aristide Briand was a [[Prime Ministers of France|Prime Minister of France]].
  • This will produce:
Aristide Briand was a Prime Minister of France.
  • Click on the "Prime Minister of France link" and you will be taken to a page named "Prime Ministers of France"

Create a temporary link

As for the previous method, create a link within an existing page, but click on the link in a preview window and don't actually save the page with the temporary link.


Please categorize the article by putting appropriate category tags at the bottom of the new entry.


To create a template page, follow the instructions above, but do one of the following:

  • Precede the name with the word "template" and a colon. For example, to create a template called "my template", type the link like this:[[template:my template]].
  • Type the name in curly brackets (without the "template:" prefix), thus: {{my template}}. NB: This will not work for the search box method.

For further instructions on writing templates, see Creating templates.