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Henry Marchant (April 9, 1741 – August 30, 1796) was attorney general for the state of Rhode Island from 1771-1777. He was also a member of the Continental Congress from 1777-1779, and a signer of the Articles of Confederation.

Early life

Marchant was born at Martha's Vineyard on April 9, 1741. He attended school in Newport and studied law at Philadelphia College, graduating in 1762. He entered practice as a lawyer and served as attorney general of Rhode Island from 1771-1777.

Continental Congress

Marchant was elected to the Continental Congress in 1777, and served until 1779. During this time, he signed the Articles of Confederation.


Marchant died in Newport, Rhode Island, on August 30, 1796. He was interred in the Common Burial Ground.


  • Marchant was a delegate to the Rhode Island State Convention for the adoption of the Federal Constitution in 1789.
  • He served as United States district judge for the district of Rhode Island from 1790 until his death in 1796.[1]


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