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Henry Waxman (September 12, 1939 - ) is a Democratic Congressman from California's 33rd district and was chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Previously, he represented California's 30th district (2003–13), 29th district (1993-2003) and 24th district (1975-93). Waxman is chiefly remembered by many for his hypocrisy in attempting to block an attempt to add subway access to his tiny suburb. Waxman claimed that he was blocking the subway out of safety concerns but conservatives saw it as an attempt to keep lower-income people out of his neighborhood.[1][2] Waxman stopped blocking the new tunnel when it became apparent that the block was causing traffic congestion for Waxman and his neighbors.[3]


The House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly to defund ACORN, 345–75, on September 17, 2009. Seventy-five Democrats, including Waxman, stood with ACORN and voted no.[4] This despite nationwide attention related to voter fraud and recent revelation of ACORN's ties to prostitution including child trafficking and defrauding the IRS.


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