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A view of the interface (click to see details)
Type Communication
Development status Slow
License Freeware
Website hexchat.github.io

OS Linux, Windows (7/8/10)

HexCHat is a program which enables users to communicate easily using Internet Relay Chat. This software has nothing to do with hexes, but is simply a spill-off from the original software, Xchat. The project was indented by the developers to merge XChat-WDK with XChat. However, due to complications, HexChat became its own project, independent of XChat.[1]


HexChat is rich with features. These include:

  • DCC
  • SASL
  • Proxies
  • Spellcheck
  • alerts
  • Logging
  • custom themes
  • Python/Perl scripts[2]
  • Auto-connect to selected servers
  • Auto-join selected channels
  • Automatic text-replace
  • Customizatable keyboard shortcuts
  • URL grabbing
  • Friend and ignore user lists[3]
  • Audio and visual alerts for preselected trigger words in chat
  • color coded chat screens
  • Various fonts and text effects

As well as support for all basic IRC functionality.


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