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A highway is a major road or street. Typically, highways are used to more efficiently deliver products to distant destinations. The main benefit of a highway is that it has limited access to traffic. Entrances and exits may be miles apart. U-turns, or crossing the median is usually discouraged for all but emergency vehicles.

U.S. Interstate Highway System

The interstate highway system in the U.S. is formally known as the Dwight D. Eisenhower National System of Interstate and Defense Highways. It was authorized by the Federal Highway Act of 1956. Its maintenance and continual improvement is largely funded by taxes on fuel, and, to a lesser extent, tolls, tire taxes, and other transportation department funds. By law, one mile of highway out of every five must be straight for use as an airstrip in times of war or emergency.

Other Uses

The internet is sometimes referred to as the information superhighway.