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Hillsong Church is a multi-site megachurch with its main campus located in Sydney, in Australia. Hillsong has campuses in many of the major cities around the world, having campuses on every continent except Antarctica.

Hillsong was affiliated with Australian Christian Churches, the Australian branch of the Assemblies of God. In 2018, it formed its own independent denomination and registered it with Australian authorities as required by law, and is no longer formally affiliated with ACC (Hillsong and ACC agreed to the decision, and still plan to work together).[1]As such, it holds to Pentecostal and charismatic Christian beliefs.

Hillsong is best known for its Christian music; its music is not only popular within the Pentecostal/charismatic churches but increasingly has become popular in the Evangelical community as well. Hillsong issues albums primarily as Hillsong Worship (worship albums), Hillsong United (stylized as United or UNITED, predominantly in the Contemporary Christian Music arena), and Hillsong Young & Free (stylized as Young & Free or Y&F, concentrating on the postmillennial youth crowd).

Hillsong also operates Hillsong Channel (formerly The Church Channel, a sub-channel of Trinity Broadcasting Network with which Hillsong operates the channel in partnership).

They are aligned with Creation Ministries International,[Citation Needed] though some of its leaders fully accept evolution and one of its songs reportedly promotes theistic evolution.[2]

In 2020, Hillsong has come under fire from conservatives for virtue signaling their support for Black Lives Matter and other Marxist causes.[3] This was further fueled when they posted a tweet revealing their hatred of Donald Trump. In response to the backlash, Hillsong issued an insincere apology.[4]