Hiren's BootCD

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Hiren's BootCD
Type Operating System
Development status Slow
License Freeware
Website HirensBootCD.org

R.A.M. 128Mb/s

Hiren's BootCD is a popular[1] operating system to turn removable storage into bootable media. This is specifically designed for use on a Compact Disk (CD-ROM) but can also be used on a USB flash drive and potentially other USB connected storage. It offers a wide variety of software which can be useful for most desired tasks, as well as plug-and-play USB functionality and Internet/Intranet support. Among other things, Hiren's BootCD includes Mini XP, which is simply a stripped-down version of Windows XP.[2]


  • Partition management - create, delete, and modify drive partitions
  • Backup & recovery - file (and OS) backup, retrieval, and recovery
    • GetDataBack
    • HDD Scan
    • Recuva by Piriform
  • Malware removal - malware scanning and removal software
  • Testing tools - Hardware testing and lifetime analysis, and RAM, drive, and USB fault detection
  • Password tools - password erasure and recovery software[2]


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