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Sophia H.

1. I will probably enjoy learning about World War II and the 20's and 30's the most because I love the fashion of those times as well as the books I have read and movies I have seen that take place in those times.

Excellent pick. It's a fascinating time period and we'll get there after learning about the 1800s.

2. I think the Native Americans have been in America since after the flood. I don’t think it was right for the Europeans to come and take land that was not theirs.


3. Overrated. Yes it is amazing he found the same spot in Hattie twice, but I wouldn’t say he discovered America because when he got there, there were already people there. He found new land for the Europeans but that land was originally found by the first American Indians.

Good wit: people were already there! But Columbus did change the course of history, didn't he? Your answer does not seem to fully address the real impact of Columbus's work. (Minus 1)

5. Because William Penn advertised his land and said that there would be religious freedom for all as apposed to the puritans in Massachusetts who persecuted anyone who wasn't of their faith.

Right. Excellent answer again.

6. Were the puritans right to be so strict and to expel people of other religions? No they were not. It was not their land, they stole it from the American Indians, and so they were wrongfully there. It was therefore wrong for them to kick out, kill, and persecute anyone who was not of there faith because in reality that wasn’t their land to decide who could and could not live their.

You argue your position well. (note your last word should be "there", not "their")

8. Because the Spanish did not come here to live and make a new life for them and their families, they came to find gold and to become rich. But the English came to settle on American soil and to start new lives. So they stayed here and then became Americans. And because all the colonies were filled with Englishmen, everyone spoke English.

Perhaps the moral here is that the English had the better approach by not focusing on gold and material wealth? Your answer is terrific.

H5. Was it right for the Europeans to settle on land where Native Americans already lived? No it was not right. The Europeans may have found the land but people were already there living their own lives on their land. Then the Europeans decided to show up and just take over their land without any warning. It would be like if i declared some part of the forest mine because I "discovered it" when really its part of someone's backyard. It is stealing and is just wrong to do no matter how you look at it.

Your argue your position very well.
Grade: 69/70. Terrific start!--Andy Schlafly 14:06, 13 February 2011 (EST)