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Home Work One Aran M.

1. I am looking forward to the Cold War era because I like the constant competitive spirit between the USA and the USSR.

Right. Good way to describe it: competitive spirit.

2. I think that the Native Americans came here from South America. The South American civilization is much more advanced and settled. The North American civilization was more nomadic. Where the South American civilization came from I’m not sure but if the Pangea theory is correct, they might have came over shortly after the flood. I think that it is fair the way the Europeans settled in America, if they bought land through due process. In history we have always seen greater civilizations conquering the lesser and this is just another example of that same principle.

Interesting analysis that fits with the evidence. That would place the migration at only about 5000 years ago.

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5. I think that Philadelphia was so successful because of its location on the Delaware River. It is connected to the, sea but is inland which allows it to avoid coastal storms and is located in Pennsylvania which was a successful colony.

Terrific answer. May make this the model answer for this question!

6. I’m answering question two on page four of the lecture: I think that the Vikings very easily could have had a colony in Newfoundland, as they were great sea faring men and they sent expeditions all over the known world. It makes sense that they would have sent an expedition across the Atlantic to the Americas.

OK, but would they be chased away by Indians in Newfoundland? Did the Vikings colonize other areas? Your answer is good but implicates new questions. An expedition, yes, but a settlement? Why? (Minus 1)

7. I think that the colonies helped build the economic strength of England as they sent their goods over the ocean to England and were customers of the slave trade. Also, a considerable part of the English population could be moved across the ocean to the Americas expanding the free trade zone of England.

Not sure the slave trade helped England very much. The colonies' purchases of finished manufacturer goods did. (Minus 1).

8. I think that the United States is an English speaking nation, because England was an English speaking nation and the Colonies belonged to England, rather than Spain. Spain’s intention was not to settle, but to plunder the Americas.

Oversimplified, but clear and concise. Full credit.
Grade: 58/60. Super start!