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1. Which time period or periods in American History do you expect to enjoy studying the most? Why?

World War Two, because it was somewhat recent, and has a lot of interesting things about Judaism involved in it.

We'll get there and spend lots of time learning and discussing this period.

2. When do you think Native Americans Came Here, and was it right for Europeans to settle here afterword?

There is no true conclusion that can be 100% truthfully arrived at, yet there are many opinions, here’s mine: I believe that when the continents split during the flood that covered the whole earth, the American Indians were there from that point on. They had not necessarily claimed the land though, so I see nothing wrong the Europeans settling there. And in some instances, the Europeans actually got along quite well the Indians.

Terrific answer, may use the model answer.

3. Christopher Columbus: Overrated, or not given enough credit? Explain.

A lot of us wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for Christopher Columbus. The man had incredible determination, was one of the greatest navigators of all time, and was something of the beginning of what we now know as The United States of America. Sure, he had his faults, he was only human, didn’t King David commit adultery and murder. So I would have to say that he’s not given enough credit.

Excellent, with a good biblical analogy.

5. Why do you think Philadelphia become the most populated city in North America by the mid-1700s, and the second most populated city (after London) in the entire British Empire? Because it was free for any religion to enter.

True, but also true for some other colonies, like Virginia and Rhode Island. Must be more to the story. (Minus 1)

6. Pick one of the questions or topics from the lecture, and explain your view.

Why would some want to take credit away from Columbus, and how might the do it?

One might want to take credit away from him based on his religious views.

Right. Excellent answer.

7. In what ways did the colonies help build the economic strength of England?

From producing both corn and tobacco, which was later outlawed.

I don't think tobacco was later outlawed (in England). It may have prohibited growing it. The Puritans tried to ban it but that failed. My understanding is that tobacco exports to England continued throughout colonial history and afterward. Correct me if I'm wrong. (Minus 1)

Daniel N.

Terrific answers, and a great start to this course. 58/60.--Andy Schlafly 22:33, 12 February 2011 (EST)