Homework One Answers - Student Three

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1. World War II. Atomic Bombs: right or wrong, Hitler/holocaust and racism. How WW II affects us today.

We'll be spending an entire class, many two classes, on that important period of history.

2. I think that Native Americans have been here since the tower of Babel. There is a theory that all of the continents fit together like a puzzle and it formed a super-continent called "Pangaea" and it split when the tower of Babel happened they split into seven pieces and the Native Americans went with North America. I think it was fine to settle here because there was no real colonies and they brought Christianity to the Americas.

Yes, that theory fits the evidence better than the atheistic theory that Native Americans are somehow descended from Asians, who have very different genetic characteristics (including a different blood type, typically).

3. I think he is underrated because he did a lot more than people think he did. He didn't just hop on a boat and in two days he was at a new place. He had to ask multiple people to go and he was rejected many times before he finally was granted permission. He also had no one to go with him except the men he was paying to go with him.

I agree. Columbus deserves even more credit than he obtains.

4. False. The laws that the government used were the same as the puritans church used.

Correct again!


6. Was it wrong for Europeans to settle in North America:

This was in my opinion fine for the Europeans to do because there was no real defined colonies and the Europeans brought Christianity to the Native Americans.



8. The Spaniards did not come here to have children and live here like the English did. But they did come for gold and other small items. So there were no real Spanish colonies to start speaking Spanish.

Right, although note that some Spaniards did establish important settlements. (Minus 1) But they did not bring families and establish effective systems of government as the English did.

Dylan B.

Grade: 59/60. Superb start!