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Johnny W.

1. Which time period or periods in American history do you expect to enjoy studying the most? Why? I expect to enjoy studying two periods in particular, the post-civil war era, and WWII. The reasons why are: a) The mid to late 1800's was the time of cowboys, indians, and the beginning of the industrial revolution. b) WWII brought about great technological advancements, also the fighter plane was greatly advanced.

The industrial revolution was a bit earlier. The late 1800s was the Gilded Age, when technology dramatically improved due to the works of New Jerseyan Thomas Edison. But your answer is superb.

2. I think that the Native Amaricans where here as early as the Ice age, and came to the U.S. to avoid fridged temperatures. Yes I think that the settelers had a right to settle here, as long as there was enough land for the indians, and settelers to co-exist in peace.

Interesting tie-in to the theory about the Ice Age, but I'm skeptical about that theory as well as the decent-from-Asians theory. Feel free to research further. Also, work on improving your spelling.

3. I think Christopher Columbus was not given enough credit, because America was virtually unknown to Europe until Columbus landed, he also opened up the possibilites of new resources and territories.


4. False, the Puritans came to America to build a government around their religion.

Correct again!

5. I think the reason Philadelphia became the second most populated city in the English empire because William Penn founded Pennsylvania based on religious freedom, which no one was turned away due to religious beliefs.

True, but also true about Rhode Island, so a bit more is needed in the answer. (Minus 1).

7. The colonies helped to build up the economic strength of England by shipping raw materials to England(e.g. tabocco, corn, wine, and iron), they also paid taxes to the crown.

Right, and the colonies also purchased manufactured or finished goods from England (such as tea), which enriched England further. (Minus 1)

8. The U.S. is an English speaking country because the English had a larger and better navy/military force then any other country in the world.

True, but more to the story. (Minus 1). Note in your usage: "then" should be "than".

H1. Learning from the experience of the early settelements and colonies, how might our homeschooling community improve today? Our homeschool community of today can learn from the early settelers to persevere even if we are persecuted.

Excellent! Note: "sellelers" should be "settlers"

H2. Was it expensive to establish a colony? Yes it was expensive to establish a colony. It was either paid for by a private owner or the king.

Good, or by many investors (like corporations today), or by a church group (like some of the Puritans). (Minus 1)

H4. Identify one or more colonies for which the King of England revoked their charters and retook control over them. Why? Two colinies whose charters were revoked, then taken by the king were Virginia, and Georgia. This occured because of sickness that struck the settelers, hostility from the indians, and also their was some distrust between the governers and the king.

Terrific answer, but the spelling needs to improve. (Minus 1)
Grade: 85/90. Good start!--Andy Schlafly 10:44, 13 February 2011 (EST)