Homework One Answers - Student Twenty

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1. Which time period or periods in American History do you expect to enjoy studying the most? Why?

I'm looking forward to studying the politics during the Civil War a bit more in depth then I have in the past.

Terrific. That is a fascinating time period.

2. When do you think Native Americans came here, and was it right for Europeans to settle here afterward?

I think that the Native Americans came from different parts of world over time. I also believe that the Europeans who settled peacefully were right to do so, though I don't agree with the Europeans who conquered and took over the land by means of war.

Good, but could be better, as in specifying time periods for arrival by the Native Americans. Second part is excellent. (Minus 1)

3. Christopher Columbus: overrated, or not given enough credit? Explain.

My opinion is that he's a bit overrated. He was a great explorer and a legendary navigator, but there were other significant explorers after him and the land was already settled.

Right, but the land had not been settled by Europeans yet. And note the important difference between exploration and settlement. (Minus 1)

4. True or false: the Puritans came to America in order to separate church from state (government). Explain.

The way that I see it is that the Puritans came to escape the government that was ruling the church. Then they formed a settlement where the government was ruled by the church.

Your answer is a clever way to describe what happened! It may become a model answer for the benefit of everyone.

7. In what ways did the colonies help build the economic strength of England?

They supplied raw goods to send to England.

Right, and there were additional benefits too. (Minus 1) See model answers when available later Sunday.

8. Spain settled America before England did. So why is the United States an English-speaking nation, rather than a Spanish speaking one?

Spain only sent solders who left when they didn't find anything significant in the north. The English brought women with them and established lasting communities.

Right. Good answer.
Grade: 57/60. Good start!--Andy Schlafly 14:00, 13 February 2011 (EST)