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1. Identify two of the biggest weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.

In my opinion, one of the biggest problems was the unset foundation regarding a strong national government [the states retained most the the power for themselves]. The Foreign Policy was also a huge problem. America had almost no respect, and the Articles of Confederation made it even worse.

Terrific answer, which could become a model answer.

2. Other than George Washington, who do you think was the most influential Founding Father?

Benjamin Franklin [as well as George Washington] was an incredibly inspiring and influential man. He was effectual in the planning of our system of government, and without him, we wouldn't have bifocals, the Franklin stove, the lighting rod, etc.


3. The Constitutional Convention: describe the "what, when, where, and how" about it.

The Constitutional Convention took place in the year 1787 in Philidelphia, when the Founding Fathers organized a meeting to "fix" the Articles of Confederation (they did not originally intend to replace them). Rhode Island was the only state who's representative failed to make an appearance. There were 55 delegates in all.

All notes taken were to be destroyed after the Convention. James Madison was the only one who kept his notes, and were released fifty years after his death. This is how we know most of the details about the Convention today.

Excellent. There are a few other notes by others that weren't destroyed, but not much. (Note: "whose", not "who's" above, and also "Philadephia" spelling)

4. Give an example of George Washington's leadership. Explain.

Even though George Washington wasn't essentially the "most skilled" general in American History, he was possibly one of the most inspiring. His leadership skills were fantastic. For example, he handled Whiskey Rebellion with such bravery, and after the rebellion was over, people realized they shouldn't mess with a President.

Right. Terrific answer.

5. Describe two important aspects of the Northwest Ordinance.

The Northwest Ordinance showed how new states could be established in a calm and organized manner. However, the most important aspect was that it accelerated the westward expansion of the settlements in America.

Well done, but the second sentence is similar to the first. Another important aspect of the Northwest Ordinance (such as banning slavery, or protecting private land against being taken by the government without compensation) could be added. (Minus 1)

6. President John Adams was only a one-term president. Why?

John Adams only served one term because of foreign policy humiliations [e.g., the "XYZ Affair"], as well as his unpopularity and the fact that he was easily offended.

Terrific, could become a model answer.

Elise F.

Grade: 59/60. Very well done!--Andy Schlafly 15:07, 27 February 2011 (EST)