Homework Three Answers - Student Six

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1. The federal government under the Articles did not have enough power to operate effectively in its foreign policy and Americans continued to buy English imports at a furious rate, and this caused money to drain out of America.


2. I believe that James Madison was the most important founding father besides George Washington. At the Constitutional Convention all of his ideas were shot down and he was hardly ever called on to speak. He took very detailed notes of the convention. When he was told to destroy his notes he refused. Because he never destroyed his notes he left the only information about the Constitutional Convention that we have today.

Your analysis would justify the selection of James Madison as a great historian, but I doubt this note-taking makes him the most influential. By the way, his notes are not the only information we have, but it is the major historical source.

4. One of George Washington’s leadership examples was his bravery and leadership in the Whisky Rebellion. He risked his own life by raising an army and becoming their leader and went to attack the farmers in Pennsylvania who refused to pay the corn whisky tax. He stopped the rebellion without bloodshed and then pardoned the farmers who were caught.

Terrific, could use as a model.

6. One important aspect of The Northwest Ordinance was that it established a three stage process based on population for new states to be created and join the Confederation of colonies. It also specified what type of government the new territories and states must have. Secondly, it put foreign countries, particularly England and France on notice that the United States owned this territory and would be settling it, giving the United States its own power and control.

Superb answer, could use as a model.

7. President John Adams was only a one term president because of foreign policy humiliations. For example, The “XYZ affair, humiliating the United States because of the French not respecting us.

Right, but there were additional reasons too. (Minus 1).

8. Debate: Is Debtors prison wrong?

I believe Debtors prison is right in the that if someone has a debt and refuses to pay it multiple times he will go to debtors prison because people should pay back money that was loaned to them. I do not agree in what happened to Robert Morris because, his debt was for a good cause that helped us in the Revolutionary War and after the war there wasn't a lot of ways to get money so in that aspect I do not agree with debtors prison. Maybe he should have been pardoned.

Excellent response, with a reference to the (constitutional) power to pardon! Could use as a model answer.

H5.Debate: Does the United States really need an office of President

     Of course the United States needs an office of President.  If you look at our current Middle East issues we have proof that countries need a President and government to run orderly.  The United States does need an Office of President for order.  I don't know why someone would even entertain the thought of having no President because we would have no real authority.
OK, but I don't see an analogy to the Middle East, where the dictator Hosni Mubarak was just overthrown! One student noted that an executive committee could handle many of the same responsibilities as a president. But you're answer is fine and is probably what George Washington thought.

Dylan B.

Grade: 69/70. Superb work!--Andy Schlafly 12:55, 27 February 2011 (EST)