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Aran M.

1. I think that the two biggest weaknesses in the Articles of Confederation are the lack of a president and too much power given to the states.

Excellent, but better wording would be "too much power retained by the states." The federal government didn't exist in the first place.

2. I think that the most influential founding father other than George Washington was James Madison because he presented the Virginian plan, which was very influential to the Constitution.

Good answer.

5. The quote is taken from George Washington’s farewell address. I think the point he was trying to convey here is that religion and morality are essential pieces of politics.

Right, but better wording would be "religion and morality are essential pieces to political prosperity." Politics will exclude religion and morality if the people allow it, and the prosperity will eventually be lost. (Minus 1).

6. I think that the two best aspects of the Northwest Ordinance are the prohibition of slavery in the north – which would eventually cause the Civil War – and the ability to create new states solely by population.


7. John Adams was a one term president because of foreign humiliation, mainly by the French.

OK, good, but note that there were additional reasons for his failure.

8. “Does the United States really need an office of president?” (taken from the lecture): I think the United States needs the office of president to act as an absolute tiebreaker. Without the president there would be too much argument through the houses. The president also has direct control over the military, instead of having all actions need to go through Congress.

Superb, could use as a model answer.
Grade: Well done! 59/60.--Andy Schlafly 10:59, 27 February 2011 (EST)