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American History lecture three homework

1: the biggest mistake of the articles of confederation was that it did not establish a strong national government.

Very good, but the question asked for two of the biggest weaknesses. Always be sure to answer the question. (Minus 1).

2: I personally always considered Alexander Hamilton to be one of, if not the most, influential founding fathers.

I agree, but a reason is needed to complete an answer like this. (Minus 1).

3: the constitutional convention took place in Philadelphia. The purpose of this convention started out being to improve the articles of confederation, but ended up replacing them with our U.S. constitution.

Good, but when? (Minus 1).

4: the whiskey rebellion is a good example of George Washington’s leadership because even when the governor of Pennsylvania refused to put down the rebellion, Washington put his own life on the line to suppress it. I think that one of the reasons he was such a good leader was that he led by example.

Excellent. Might use as a model answer.

6: two important aspects of the Northwest Ordinance were that it made a way to peacefully create new states and also claimed all the land east of the Mississippi for the United States.


7: Adams' short time as president was mainly due to his lack of popularity. This was partly because he had to fill the shoes of one of the greatest leaders in history. But it also had to do with embarrassing events overseas.

Terrific answer.

Honors questions

1: I would not have been anti federalist with respect to the constitution because without a large central government the United States would become the divided states.


2: I think the states themselves should not have the power to nullify a law passed by congress but should, as in the case of the Alien & Sedition Acts, take the matter before the Supreme Court. The Court, and the Court only, should have the right to declare something unconstitutional

Interesting. That is generally thought to be the rule today.
Grade: 77/80. Good work, with some room for improvement.--Andy Schlafly 10:50, 27 February 2011 (EST)

Jon S.