Homosexual Adoption Scandal

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The Homosexual Adoption Scandal in the United Kingdom is an ongoing liberal disgrace. Shockingly, it is now illegal for a Christian-run adoption agency to "discriminate" against homosexuals. In fact, if a church-run adoption agency wants to refuse to help gay couples to adopt a child then they cannot help heterosexual couples to adopt a child either. This means that the church is now legally required to either:[1][2]

  1. Allow homosexuals to adopt children through its adoption agency, or
  2. Stop the charitable work it performs to help orphans find loving families.


It is an obvious fact to any Christian that a homosexual couple cannot provide a suitable upbringing for a child.[3][4] Despite this, the Labour Party government, which has been pushing through "anti-discrimination" law since 1997, has given the United Kingdom some of the most powerful and strict "anti-homophobia" laws in the world. It is, for example, now illegal to discriminate against vegetarians, atheists, homosexuals or people who don't drink. It is clear that these laws are not required.

Despite claiming that their anti-discrimination laws protect religious people, they don't. The Labour Party's Homosexual Agenda is obvious. A large amount of adoption in the United Kingdom was through the church. But now the church must either compromise its morals or give up on adoption. It is typical of a liberal government—promote abortion, give up on adoption.

In the USA

Catholics are forbidden by doctrine to endorse anything involving the evil that is homosexuality. In 2010, Washington D.C. elected officials passed new laws to enforce rights for homosexuals. This granted homosexuals the right to marry as well as adopt. Rather than disobey Catholic teaching, the Catholic diocese ceased providing adoption services rather than provide adoptions to homosexual couples as mandated by the new laws.