Homosexual deception

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Homosexual deception is a noteworthy characteristic of homosexuals.[1]

  • Gays create myths for their political and psychological comfort. They want to be seen as "shocked by any claim that we are other than kind, gentle people." As the Stonewall Riots easily attest, gays have been anything but gentle people since their first moment in the public spotlight.
  • "Gay activists and the media are quick to assert that discriminatory attitudes by ‘straight’ society lead directly to violence against homosexuals (i.e., ‘gay bashing’). In fact, evidence suggests that homosexual domestic violence substantially exceeds — in frequency and lethality — any and all forms of ‘gay bashing.’ That is, the violence that homosexuals do to one another is much more significant than the violence that others do to homosexuals." [1]
  • Homosexuals and homosexual activists regularly claim that homosexuality has no increased risk of disease. Activists in the United Kingdom wish to allow homosexuals to donate blood, which is currently not allowed. They claim that homosexual men are no more likely to carry blood-borne illness than heterosexuals. This is deceit.[2][3][4]
  • Almost all homosexuals and liberal politicians claim that people are 'born gay'. There has been no proof, whatsoever, that people are born homosexual and even studying male twins with one homosexual leads to a rate of 22% homosexuality in the other twin. The same study showed that there is an 11% chance that an adoptive brother would also be gay, showing that environment and upbringing are far more likely to influence sexuality. Homosexuals are not a true minority group needing protection, as this is a lifestyle choice.[5][6]
  • Homosexuals almost always propagate the myth that they "cannot change." Despite this, Christian groups have been very successful in helping people to overcome sin in this way.


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