Homosexual intimidation

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Homosexual intimidation refers to several tactics employed by homosexuals with the intention of furthering the homosexual agenda. The use of violence appears to be preferable for homosexuals; however, issuing false claims of discrimination and spreading political slander seem to work for them too.

The following are examples of homosexual intimidation:

  • Acts of violence and vandalism directed at Christian institutions after the passage of Proposition 8.
  • The depiction of homosexual men in the popular media as better-looking, better-dressed, more "sensitive," and sometimes even "hyper-masculine" in comparison to their heterosexual counterparts.
  • On January 2012 actor Michael K. Williams appeared in an ad supporting same-sex "marriage".[1] At the end of the ad Williams says "Join us — or Omar gon’ come at you." This is a reference to Omar Little, the violent criminal played by Williams on the TV series The Wire.