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Honda Motor Company is a Japanese industrial machinery manufacturer, including motorcycles and automobiles. The company sells its more luxurious vehicles under the Acura marque, and it is known internationally for making incredibly reliable machinery.

In March 2012, Honda didn't want their commercials to be aired during The Rush Limbaugh Show, due to controversial statements Rush Limbaugh had made on air. It's unknown whether this refusal has been lifted or not.[1]

Models (United States)

As of December 2013, Honda sells 11 different models.[2]

  • Accord (Sedan Coupe, Hybrid Sedan, Plug-in Hybrid Sedan).
  • Civic (Sedan, Coupe, Si Sedan, Si Coupe, Hybrid Sedan).
  • Crosstour (Crossover).
  • CR-V (Crossover).
  • CR-Z (Hybrid Coupe).
  • FCX Clarity (Fuel Cell Sedan) Limited Production Lease.
  • Fit (Hatchback).
  • Insight (Hybrid Hatchback).
  • Odyssey (Minivan).
  • Pilot (Crossover).
  • Ridgeline (Pickup Truck).^

^: Unibody, rather than body-on-frame. Shares the platform and J35 with the Odyssey and Pilot.