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Dr. Hugh Ross is an astronomer who is President and founder of the ministry Reasons to Believe.[1] He is an Old Earth Creationist and has authored many books, including Why the Universe is the Way it is, Creation as Science, and The Creator and the Cosmos.

Christian apologist Dr. William Lane Craig, who agrees with Ross, describes him as "evangelicalism’s most important scientific apologist."[2] On the other hand, young Earth creationists, including Creation Scientists at Answers in Genesis, have strongly criticized his views.[3]

Ross does not believe that the Flood of Noah covered the whole Earth, as shown in Bible passages such as Genesis 7:17–23 and 2 Peter 3:6, instead believing it to be a local flood that was "universal" only in the sense of it killing "the entire human race and all of the nephesh (soulish) animals associated with humans."[4] Young Earth creationists have criticized this view for being unscriptural and not agreeing with geology.[5][6]

Ross, like other Christian who have compromised by adopting unbiblical philosophies, is ignorant about the global flood, believes uniformitarianism, and considers the Starlight Problem a problem for the Young Earth model.


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